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Socket Sets

Sockets are primarily used with tools such as ratchet and torque wrenches and are used in applications involving tightening or loosening a fastener such as a nut or a bolt by turning it. They come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit the type of fastener being used.

Cromwell stock an extensive range of socket sets, featuring brands such as Yamoto®, Expert by Facom®, and Kennedy®, so you'll be sure to find a set that complements your toolbox and requirements.

What are socket sets?

Socket sets are comprised of various types and sizes of sockets as well as sometimes also containing accessories or related torque tools to help you fulfill your desired application. They are often supplied in a protective case for ease of storage and organisation of your tools.

Why socket sets?

Having a range of sockets at your disposal, means that you have everything that you need at hand, and won't be left tin the awkward position of not having the right tool for the job.

Many socket sets are supplied in handy cases for easy portability and often come with their own storage compartments for easy access. Many sets also include additions such as extension bars and adaptors such as swivel heads for hard-to-reach fasteners.

When are socket sets used?

Socket sets are used widely in numerous industries, but most notably in the automotive, construction or engineering sectors.

Types of sockets

There are a wide variety of sockets in varying shapes sizes and depths, to help understand these a little better Cromwell has taken the liberty of showcasing a few of the most common types.

• Hex drive/socket - A drive or socket with six sides resembling a hexagon when viewed straight on.

• Double hex driver/socket - A driver or socket resembling two hexagons overlaying each other. Features twelve sides.

• Torx socket- A socket that features a 6-pointed star shape.

• Driver head/bit - A type of socket head that acts much like a screwdriver or Allen key.

• Deep sockets - Designed for fasteners that are hard to reach, these sockets come in a range of depths to suit the application.

Considerations when choosing a socket set

• Drive shape - Most common type of drive shapes are square and hex drive. Selecting the right socket shape for the drive will enable the socket to connect to wrench.

• Drive size - Much with drive shape this will determine whether the socket fits or not. Common sizes include 1/4-inch drive, 1/2-inch drive and 3/8-inch drives.

• Socket type - Sockets commonly come in square, hex, torx and double hex types, suitable for a variety of fastener types. Selecting the right type of socket type for the fastener ensure that you will be able to complete the job without delay.

• Socket size - Sockets come in various sizes with both metric and imperial measurements available for every size of fastener.

• Socket depth - Deep sockets allow to reach fasteners that are fixed in position where the bolt protrudes beyond the reach of a standard socket.

• Accessibility - Is the work environment confined or open? Is your range of motion going to be impaired by objects in the immediate environment? Flex head attachments and extension bars give you more reach. If you're going to be working in varied environments selecting a socket set with these options might be right for you.

Socket sets jargon buster

Here at Cromwell, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to select the right socket set for your needs, so we've broken down some key terms below to help you to understand our range a little better.

What are swivel heads?

Swivel heads are a type of accessory that is often used in combination with sockets, Swivel heads allow the sockets to be used in confined spaces or at awkwards angles, whilst still delivering torque effectively. Not all socket sets will contain these, so it's always best to check the specification of your chosen product to ensure it suits your desired application.


How do sockets work?
Sockets allow the user to lock onto the fastener securely, allowing torque to be transferred from the wrench effectively. They secure to the wrench via a drive system that also allows for easy interchange between sizes and socket types.

Do socket sets include wrenches?
Some socket sets include a ratchet wrench as well. These complete sets offer a good foundation with a range of socket types, sizes and depths. Some sets include additional tools such as extension bars and swivel head adapters.