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Ceramic Cups

Discover our comprehensive collection of TIG ceramic cups online now at Cromwell. Available in a wide range of sizes, there's something to suit every welding task from reliable brands, like Parweld®, Kennedy® and Abicor Binzel®.

Why TIG ceramic cups?

A cost-effective and durable welding accessory, ceramic TIG cups are versatile and available in a wide range of sizes to suit different welding materials. Unlike glass cups, they offer less visibility of the weld puddle, however, they offer good resistance to cracking and are ideal for non-specialised projects.

TIG ceramic cup types

Ceramic cups are defined according to their compatible style of TIG torch, which is defined according to size. A standard TIG ceramic cup will fit onto a standard collet body.

17/18/26 style   -   These TIG torches are the larger of the two styles and measure between 47.6mm (1-7/8") and 50.8mm (2"). The compatible ceramic cup will be advertised as 17/18/26 or as a 17 style, 18 style and so on.

9/20 style   -   The smaller of the two TIG torches, these styles measure approximately 22.23mm with the compatible gas cup advertised in the same manner as above.


How do you clean a ceramic TIG cup?

Cleaning a ceramic TIG cup requires sandpaper and some pliers to remove any sharp or hanging pieces of tungsten build-up. Sand the cup until you have achieved a finish you're happy with.

Why are ceramic TIG cups always pink?

Ceramic TIG cups are made from alumina oxide, which is a non-conductive ceramic material that's naturally pink in colour. Some manufacturers paint the inside of these cups in bright or luminous colours to promote better visibility of the weld, however, they always have a natural pink finish.

Is there an alternative to a ceramic TIG cup?

Yes, there are standard TIG cups which are inexpensive and work well on welds that don't require large gas coverage. At the more expensive and specialised end of the spectrum, glass TIG cups are a good choice when welding reactive metals like stainless steel and titanium.