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Coat & Cabin Hooks

Keep your workspace organised and tidy with a range of hook solutions from Cromwell. We stock a wide range of hooks to suit lots of different requirements, including coat hooks, cabin hooks and more. Choose from a collection of high-quality products from well-known brands, like Perry® and Matlock®.

What are hooks?

Hooks are a convenient and versatile solution to storage in both professional and domestic settings. Typically made from metal, they're either installed onto a wall or post to offer a spot to hang items, or they feature a two-ended system, whereby a hook hangs from a secure spot to allow items to be hung on the remaining end.

Why buy hooks?

Hooks are ideal for tidy storage and keeping products together to prevent losing them. They come in a wide range of types to suit many requirements.

When are hooks used?

Hooks are highly versatile and are used in both domestic and industrial environments. They are commonly found in workshops, schools, offices, garages, homes and warehouses for hanging tools, garments, bags or other personel effects.

Hook types

There are lots of different hook designs available to purchase, and most are versatile and easy to use...

Cabin hooks  -   Sometimes called cabin and cleat hooks, this style of hooking system is used to hold doors and gates open to prevent them slamming shut on a windy day.

Coat hooks  -   Typically installed in a row in a cloak room or changing area, coat hooks are a feature both professionally and domestically. Secured to a wall or post, they hang more than just coats, with larger sizes available for heavier items.

Hat & coat hook   -   This style features the usual coat hook with an extended top hook to hang a hat above the coat.

S-shaped hooks   -   Manufactured from a wide range of materials, S-shaped hooks require no work to install and are ideal for hanging items from a height.

Considerations when choosing hooks

Item - hanging coats and other lighter weight items requires more size than strength.

Style - hooks are available in a wide range of styles to suit room décor or to match with existing products.

Coat and cabin hooks jargon buster

We want to make it easier for you to shop our range of coat and cabin hooks, so we've outlined and explained some key terminology to ensure you make an informed purchasing decision.

What does galvanisation mean in the context of metals?

When referring to metals, galvanisation is the process of applying a zinc coating to a material such as steel or iron to protect the product against corrosion and offer bolstered protection against wear and tear.


How do you determine the load capacity of a hook?

This involves a very complicated calculation that is formulated over several steps and is something that the manufacturer should feature on their packaging. The amount of tensile stress a hook can cope with is, however, but one part of the process. A hook alone may handle a certain weight, but if it's been installed incorrectly or in a stud wall the hook will fall out over time. Always read the manufacturer's installation instructions and use the correct wall plugs for installation.

What spacing should I use for coat hooks

For the side-by-side installation of coat hooks, anything between 10cm to 15cm separation is a good option. This allows for a tidy and uniform look if the hooks are on display and gives enough space for wet coats and accessories to dry without leaking on other coats.

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