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Screwdriver Bit Sets

Screwdriver bit sets are ideal for use with screwdrivers with interchangeable heads such as ratchet and torque screwdrivers. A good screwdriver bit set helps provide a range of options when tightening and loosening fasteners and allows you to have various sizes and types of bits at your disposal, or plenty of replacements when you need it.

Cromwell offer a wide range of screwdriver bit sets from reputable brands such as Kennedy, Dewalt and Bosch.

Why screwdriver bit sets?

A good screwdriver bit set will contain a range of sizes and types of bit, allowing you to tackle all manner of fasteners. Alternatively, they can contain bits of the same type and size across the board which marks them as good replacement sets.

Types of screwdriver bit sets

Screwdriver bits come in various types like regular screwdrivers. Below you will find the most common types listed. Bit sets can come with variations in both size and shape or all the same size and shape. We have outlined the most common types of bits below.

• Flathead bit - Also referred to as a slot screwdriver bit. Their main feature is a flattened tip used for screws with a straight linear recess.

• Phillips' bit - Also known as crosshead bits, Phillips' bits are one of the most common types next to the flathead and are purposely designed to fit screws a cross-shaped recess.

• Torx/Star bits - Commonly known as star head bits, these screwdriver bits are designed to fit six-pointed screw recesses (also known as Torx screws).

• Tri-Wing bits - These are used for specific devices and mainly feature quite small tips to enable use with smaller screws and components.

• Pozidriv bits - These are designed as an upgrade to Phillips' bits and help to reduce "camming out", in which the bit jumps out of the slot.

• Hex bits - These bits function much like hex keys and are designed to fit hexagonal screw slots

• Square bits - Much like the hex bits, these types of screwdriver bits fit with square recesses and deliver good purchase especially when tightening.

• Magnetic bits - Some screwdriver bits feature magnetic tips. These come in handy when working in confined spaces where losing a fastener in hard to reach places is a risk.


What is the best screwdriver bit set?
This primarily boils down to what is the right set for you. If you work with a lot of different types of fasteners then a set with a range of types and sizes would be the safest bet. If however you need replacements for a specific size and type then a set that features the same type and size is ideal.

Do screwdriver bit sets come in cases?
Many screwdriver bit sets come in a handy carry case that allows for greater portability as well as providing sound organisation so you can easily select the right bit for the fastener.