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Hammer Wedges

Hammer wedges are the ideal tool to correct loose or damaged wooden hammer handles. Cromwell stock a range of wedges to suit wooden hammer handles, including wedges from our very own Kennedy brand.

What are hammer wedges?

Hammer wedges are small wedged shaped pieces, typically made of metal, (although wooden wedges can be used also) designed to correct the wooden handle or shaft of the hammer where it meets the striking head. They are driven into the top of the handle, and act to force the wood apart making the fit between the striking head and the shaft tighter.

Why hammer wedges?

Sometimes with use the fit between the head of the hammer and the handle can become loose, this can become a problem especially if the handle becomes damaged. Over time if the problem is not corrected you might end up losing the head of the hammer when striking which could potentially injure you or a bystander. Using a hammer wedge helps to tighten wooden handles and avoiding flying hammer heads when striking.

Types of hammer wedges

Metal hammer wedges - These are typically manufactured from steel and commonly feature a trapezoid shape.

Barrel wedges - These are cylindrical tube of metal, they work by forcing pressure out in all directions tightening the hammer shaft from all angles.

Non-sparking wedges - These are usually manufactured from bronze, copper or aluminium and are designed for hammers being used in combustible environments as they reduce the risk of sparking on impact.

Wooden wedges - These are either cut from hard or soft wood like oak or pine. Hard woods are more durable and less likely to compress and loosen over time.

Considerations when choosing a hammer wedge

The looseness of the head - The looser the head the more wood you will need to displace to ensure a secure fitting.

The work environment - Is the risk of sparks in the environment a potential hazard? If so a non-sparking wedge would be the most appropriate choice.


Do hammer wedges work on fibreglass handles?

No, hammer wedges are only compatible with wooden handles.

How do I use a hammer wedge?

If the current handle is broken the first step is to remove the old handle, you can do this by drilling holes around the current wedge (in the eye of the hammer head) this allows the wood to be pushed back and the handle to be pulled out.

Once the handle is out the new handle can be inserted. Apply the wooden wedge into the groove one the handle is in the eye of the head, apply by hand or a soft rubber faced hammer as hitting too hard could crack the wedge. Once the wedge is fully inserted you can apply the metal wedge (crossways against the wooden wedge) you can use a hard steel hammer for this but take care to not split the handle by striking too hard. Once finished you can either leave the handle as is or chose to sand the top down to finish.