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T Nuts

Browse and buy t-nuts form the Cromwell range, featuring quality brands such as Kennedy. Will a wide selection on offer you'll be sure to find the right tooling solution for your machining needs.

What are t-nuts?

T-nuts are re-usable hardened steel nuts commonly used in conjunction with threaded high-strength studs. Their purpose is to hold down work pieces on milling machine tables. Their moniker comes from their shape as they resemble an upside down "T".

When are t-nuts used?

The shape of the t-nut is designed to slot into the grooves (similarly shaped) cut into the machining table tops. The nuts slot into these grooves and are then threaded with the bolt thread. To clamp the work piece down the hex nut and washers are placed onto the bolts and tightened until the work piece is securely fastened down.

The nuts are T-shaped because they fit in long slots that are in the form of an upside-down T cut in the tabletop. The nuts are threaded with a standard coarse bolt thread.

T-nut studs come in various lengths to accommodate various heights and shapes of work pieces. T-nuts themselves can also be used in conjunction with finger clamps.

Considerations when choosing t-nuts

Sizing - T-nuts come in a range of sizes to accommodate the different size and shape of work pieces.

Material - T-nuts are manufactured from hardened steel, some are heat treated to different strength classes. Selecting the right class and hardness is key to the application.


What sizes do t-nuts come in?

Typically, t-nuts are sized from anywhere between M5 and M30. Smaller t-nuts can accommodate smaller work pieces whilst the larger sizes are used to hold larger work pieces.

How strong are t nuts?

T-nuts are usually manufactured from hardened steel which is designed for and strong enough to withstand industrial machining. There are also stainless steel variations and coated options for increased durability.