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Shop for automotive products and supplies online now at Cromwell. Whether you're an enthusiast, a one-man operation or part of a larger concern, we have everything you need for the care, repair, and maintenance of your vehicle. Choose from market-leading brands, like Ambersil®, Isopon®, Senator® and Kennedy® to name just a few.

What are automotive products & supplies?

From air fresheners to anti-freeze, fuses to body fillers, and battery, bodywork and ignition system tools, the automotive product range is huge. All products in the automotive category are designed to repair and maintain vehicles, including the outer body, interior and inner workings (the engine, suspension system and so on).

Automotive products & supply types

Automotive care   -   These products cover vehicle maintenance and seasonal care. Items such as fuel additives, seat covers and cleaners sit in this category, with seasonal items including window scrapers, antifreeze, and tyre socks.

Automotive repair   -   Blown fuse? A rusted frame? Products suitable for minor vehicle repairs including body fillers and sealant live here.

Automotive tools   -   One of the largest automotive categories, products for larger bodywork repair and service tools fall into this area. Products include items such as trolley jacks, battery tools and inspection work lights can be found here.

Considerations when choosing automotive products & supplies

Type - the first step when choosing products is to identify whether you need care, repair, or tools. In most cases this choice is obvious, especially if you're looking at it from a professional perspective.

Recommendations - some models of car have manufacturer's recommendations as to what type of product or tool is best to use.


What are the types of body fillers?

Typically, body fillers are dual formula made with polyester resin combined with a hardener. Body fillers are graded according to the size of the task required, with a basic grade made to handle smaller projects, while mid and premium grades are designed to permanently fill larger holes and gaps.

Do fuel additives do anything worthwhile?

Fuel additives are designed to improve fuel performance and produce lower emissions. They're recommended for use during a service after the oil is changed, and beyond that, after every 3,000 miles.

Will a window scraper scratch the glass?

Window scrapers are designed to clear ice and snow from car glass and shouldn't cause any scratches unless used incorrectly.