History - Serving Industry Since 1970


Wilberforce Road Cromwell was founded by Michael Gregory when he opened the first premises in Wilberforce Road, Leicester, on the 1st August 1970 and with the effort, support and dedication of many people, he has since steered the company through its carefully managed expansion programme along to the present day.

Cromwell is now the largest British owned industrial distributor and has over 1,700 employees. The company is unique in having: 59 Distribution Centres Worldwide - 4 specialist companies and an export division operating in 44 countries and 5 continents - a team of "time-served" sales engineers in each region - global product research - product analysis unit - a team studying production methods worldwide; a unique daily inter-company delivery system enabling rapid access to products, services and information.

Cromwell people are totally committed to working closely with every customer and supplier, for the benefit of all. The development of products and training of people, creating the opportunities that are the foundation of our Company's success and growth - these positive contributions are part of the long term success and future security of Cromwell and its people.

Cromwell Distribution Centre Cromwell's comprehensive £350 thousand of local stocks are further supported by over £19 million of stock held in our central stores and World Distribution Centre (WDC) at Wigston, Leicester, UK.

Our Prime Objective is to be...

"The Complete Industrial Supply Company"

Cromwell Tools Thailand can only supply Cromwell own Brand exclusive products from our Thai catalogue

We do not stock and cannot supply items that are not in our Thai catalogue as we are not authorised Agents In Thailand for other Brands

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Cromwell Distribution Centre


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